The Supervisory Board (SB) of NAC Breda spoke on Tuesday about the unrest that has arisen internally.

It would not work at all between trainer Maurice Steijn and technical director Ton Lokhoff.

NAC appointed club icon Lokhoff as technical director at the beginning of this year, but his appointment would not have gone down well with Steijn.

As a result, there has been much speculation in recent days about a departure of the trainer or Lokhoff.

The supervisory board is familiar with the situation, but calls for fraternization.

"We give general manager Mattijs Manders a clear assignment: stick to the goals of the club, while retaining both the technical director and the head coach


Provide an environment in which that is possible," said the supervisory board in a statement. .

"We believe that it is up to the protagonists themselves to resolve the differences between them, as adults. We want to break the pattern of dismissal in the event of disagreement or pressure from outside. That seems to have become customary in football and unfortunately also at our club , but that is not a sustainable approach. It is expensive, damaging and deteriorating the performance of our club."

Technical director Ton Lokhoff and trainer Maurice Steijn would not get along at NAC.

Technical director Ton Lokhoff and trainer Maurice Steijn would not get along at NAC.

Photo: Pro Shots

'The time for arguing must be over'

NAC qualified for the play-offs for promotion to the Eredivisie last season and battled through victories over Almere City and FC Emmen to the final.

However, NEC forced promotion by winning 1-2 in the Rat Verlegh Stadium.

Steijn has been a trainer of NAC since the summer of 2020 and will remain with the club from the Kitchen Champion Division until mid-2023.

Recently, even Dirk Kuijt was associated with NAC because he was said to have been spotted in the Rat Verlegh Stadium, but the position of the supervisory board seems to have made it possible for Steijn to remain seated.

"The interests of NAC must always come first for everyone, so the time of arguing must be over, we must now work together. Ton and Maurice are tasked with creating the right conditions for good performance. These must be done at the latest at the start of the preparations have been completed at the end of June 2021."