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Hungary-Portugal is being played this Tuesday in front of nearly 68,000 people, in a Ferenc-Puskas stadium filled with… This statement, appallingly banal in the pre-Covid world, today resembles the description of a miracle.

The Budapest enclosure offers a 100% gauge, and this is a first in this Euro.

In sporting terms, this match will mark the entry into the running of the Portuguese title holder, who-you-know-scorer in the final in 2016.

Recognized record hunter, Cristiano Ronaldo will become the first player to play in five European Championship finals.

He is already the cador in terms of games played (21 before today), ahead of the German Bastian Schweinsteiger (18) and Gianluigi Buffon (17).

Another goal, and he will cross the shelves Michel Platini, co-record holder, even if Platoche scored his nine pawns in a single edition (1984).

And if not, these Hungarians?

Well, honestly, we are waiting to see what the formation of Loïc Négo, a priori the weakest in this group F, is worth, with Germany and France.

"Because we no longer remember very well what a full stadium looks like, we meet again at 5.30 pm

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