Several politicians, including RN Thierry Mariani, criticized Tuesday the intention of the Blues to kneel in protest against discrimination before the Euro match against Germany in the evening.

“Very sincerely I regret it, Black Lives Matter is a drama but it is a drama that happened in the United States, it is a drama that happened with the American police.

The French police have never had these excesses ”, denounced on Europe 1 Thierry Mariani, RN candidate for regional Paca.

"I am attached to the neutrality of sport"

"It is still an operation imported from a foreign country which has no connection with France and I am attached to the neutrality of sport", added the former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy.

" What a shame !

Black Lives Matter is a sponsored thing to raise tensions, break peoples, divide them, maintain them in resentment, weaken them!

», Criticized on Twitter the former number 2 of RN Florian Philippot.

"Apparently it's planned, so it's yes", replied laconically the captain of the Blues Hugo Lloris Monday during the pre-match press conference about the intention of the Blues to kneel.

France had already made this gesture, associated with the Black live matter movement, against Wales in a preparation match.

Belgian players whistled in Russia

The players of the Belgium team dropped to one knee to the whistles of the St. Petersburg public on Saturday before the Euro game against Russia, while the Russians remained standing. Before them, Premier League players in particular have gotten into the habit of kneeling before games since George Floyd, a black man, was killed by a white police officer in the United States last year.

"I ask the France team to say very clearly that it can in no way be interpreted as a gesture with regard to the magnificent action that the internal security forces are carrying out in France", claimed on Cnews the LR mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi, while wishing not to enter "into a controversial and political debate".

"This kind of symbol, it hurts no one, but it is not what makes things happen", estimated for its part the number 3 of LR Aurélien Pradié on Sud Radio.

Roxana Maracineanu supports the commitment of athletes

The Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, underlined on franceinfo that the government had just "entered into the law for the principles of the Republic the commitment of the sports movement alongside the State to fight against this scourge" of racism , and that there was "a need for the sports movement and its commitment" in this dossier.


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