client, Beijing, June 15th. On the 15th, Beijing time, the Argentina team, with stars such as Messi, completed its debut in this year's America's Cup.

Although Messi scored a wonderful free kick in the game against Chile, Argentina finally failed to usher in a good start. The two teams shook hands 1:1.

Poster source: the official Weibo of the Argentina national team

  This year's America's Cup can be described as ill-fated. It was originally scheduled to be held in Argentina and Colombia from June 13 to July 10. However, due to the epidemic, the two hosts gave up successively.

For a time, whether this year's America's Cup can still be carried out has become the focus of attention.

In the end, with only two weeks left before the start of the America's Cup, Brazil took over the hosting rights.

  A total of 10 teams participated in this America's Cup, divided into two groups, A and B.

Among them, Group A includes Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay, Group B includes Brazil, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador, and the top 4 of each group enter the knockout round.

  In the battle between Argentina and Chile, Messi was the first to break the deadlock.

In the 32nd minute, Argentina got a free kick at the top of the arc in the penalty area.

Messi took the penalty and hit the dead corner of the goal to help Argentina take the lead.

  Chile equalized the score in the second half.

In the 52nd minute, Vargas's shot in the penalty area was blocked by the goalkeeper. Vidal, who tried to follow up the shot, was kicked by Tagliafico. The referee gave a penalty after being confirmed by VAR.

Although Vidal's penalty kick was saved by Martinez, Vargas succeeded and scored 1:1.

  Although the Argentina team shot up to 18 times, they failed to rewrite the score on the field again. The two teams shook hands and made a draw.

Current points situation

  After the game, Messi said, "We lack patience and possession of the ball, and the pace is a bit fast. Penalties changed the situation of the game. We want to start the America's Cup with a victory. Now we have to face Uruguay, which is also a difficult one. Opponents, but we have to think about the next game." (End)