On Sunday, 22-year-old Stefano Tsitsipas played his first grand slam final in his career.

The world number five won the first two sets before Novak Djokovic switched gears, turned the match around and snagged his 19th grand slam title.

After the match, the Greek told about the tragic news he was reached during the recharging.

"Five minutes before I enter the track, my beloved grandmother lost her battle with life.

A wise woman whose faith in life and willingness to give can not be compared to any other person I have met ", writes Tsitsipas on his Instagram account.

The tennis star is seen as one of the natural heirs when the big players Djokovivc, Rafael Nadal and Rogerer Federer thank each other, but say that there are more important things in life than winning trophies.

“Life is not about winning or losing.

It's about enjoying every moment, whether it's alone or with others ”.