The Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay was held in Hokkaido on the 14th and 2nd day.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, all relays on public roads were canceled, and as an alternative event, an ignition ceremony was held in Sapporo on the 13th.

At the beginning of the torch relay in Hokkaido, more than 200 torchbearers were scheduled to connect 18 cities and towns in Hokkaido in the two days of 13th and 14th, but a state of emergency due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection was declared this month. Due to the extension until the 20th, all relays on public roads have been cancelled.

As an alternative event, the ignition ceremony was held on the 14th, the second day, following the 13th.

At the venue, Kita 3-jo Plaza in Sapporo City, the names of all the torchbearers who were scheduled to run on the second day were first read aloud.

Then, on behalf of the torchbearer, Somu Yukawa (13), a second-year junior high school student in the city, went up to the stage and ignited the torch plate with an ignited torch.

Mr. Yukawa said, "First of all, I am grateful that the ceremony was held in this way even in Corona. The torch is heavier than I expected, and it is a valuable experience of my life once in a lifetime."

The torch relay in Hokkaido will be held in Iwate Prefecture from the 16th after the two-day schedule.