The five-stage plan for corona relief, presented at the end of May, would allow an audience of up to 3,000 people in the arenas from 1 July.

The decision was criticized, above all, by football, which has long wanted to create an audience release according to the size of the arenas.

Now football seems to be getting its way, as from 1 July it is proposed that up to 3,000 people per section be allowed in the large arenas.

This applies if an infectious distance can be maintained between the people in each section and if the audience in each section cannot come into contact with them in other sections.

This also applies to entrances and exits at the arenas.

Minister of Culture and Sports Amanda Lind (MP) says that sectioning has been requested by the industries concerned.

- It is now possible to receive more visitors, if it is possible to divide the arena area and premises by sections, she tells TT.

More than 900 in exercise races

Among the matches that are affected first are the Allsvenskan restart after the European Championships, for example IFK Norrköping – Malmö FF on 3 July and Häcken – AIK and Hammarby – Halmstad on 4 July.

What is also a relief, compared to the five-step plan, is that more than 900 will be able to compete in exercise races and orienteering competitions and the like from 1 July.

The limit of 900 people remains, but now only applies to start and finish areas.

More people can be on the competition track.

This summer's large exercise race has, however, already been canceled or moved to the autumn.

The Gothenburg lap will be held on 11 September, the Lidingö race week between 24 September and 3 October and the Stockholm Marathon on 9 October.

CLIP: EC: Restaurants must close before the match is over

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Restaurant closes before match ends. Photo: TT