An exchange trade between pitcher Yuki Kuniyoshi of professional baseball DeNA and pitcher Yuki Ariyoshi of Lotte was established and announced by both teams.

Pitcher Kuniyoshi, who will transfer to Lotte, is from Osaka prefecture and is 29 years old in his 12th year as a professional.

From Shugakukan High School in Kumamoto, I joined DeNA in 2010 as a training player.

It has an angled straight that makes the best use of its height of 1 meter and 96 centimeters, and in April it marked its fastest speed of 161 kilometers.

Last season, he pitched in 42 games in relief and showed stable pitching with 3 wins, 4 losses and 10 holds, and an ERA of 3.13. So far this season, he has achieved 1 win, 1 loss and an ERA of 5.16 in 18 games.

On the other hand, pitcher Ariyoshi, who will transfer to DeNA, is from Chiba prefecture and is 30 years old in his fifth year as a professional.

I joined Lotte in 2017 from Kyushu Mitsubishi Motors, a professional baseball team, in 5th place in the draft.

In the first year, he pitched in 53 games in relief, and in the middle of the second year he turned to the starting lineup and won six wins, but in the third year he underwent surgery on his right elbow.

Last season when he returned, he won for the first time in two years, but he did not pitch in one army this season.

Pitcher Kuniyoshi said, "I am grateful that I joined the team for training and have had various experiences. I feel lonely and honestly because of the suddenness, and I haven't realized it yet. I will do my best. "

Pitcher Ariyoshi commented, "I was always helped by the support of the fans. Thank you for your support. In Yokohama, I will do my best to fulfill the required role and contribute to the victory of the team." ..