According to a survey by the Japan Professional Baseball Players Association, the average annual salary of players is 41.74 million yen, which is almost the same as last year, which was the highest ever, and the big impact of the decrease in income of the baseball team due to the new coronavirus is seen. I couldn't.

The Professional Baseball Players Association has been conducting an annual salary survey of players every year since 1980, and this year, 730 people, excluding foreign players and trained players, were targeted.

As a result, the average annual salary of the players of the 12 teams was 41.74 million yen, which was the second highest ever, although it was 150,000 yen, a 0.4% decrease from last year's record high.

By league, the Pacific League hit a record high of 43.81 million yen, and the Central League was 39.62 million yen.

By team, Softbank ranked first for two consecutive years at 69.32 million yen, second place was giant at 65.87 million yen, and third place was Rakuten, where pitcher Masahiro Tanaka returned, increasing 15.4% from last year to 58.87 million yen. was.

On the other hand, Hanshin, which had a series of veteran players leaving the group, fell 25.3% from last year to 28.86 million yen, ranking 11th, and Orix was the lowest at 26.4 million yen.

Last season, the number of games decreased due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and the income of each team decreased significantly due to the holding with no spectators and limited number of spectators, but the annual salary of the players is almost flat as a whole. have become.

Regarding the results of the survey, Tadahito Mori, the secretary general of the players' association, said, "I think that they were evaluated properly to some extent regardless of whether or not there were spectators."

However, the annual salary of veteran players who are 36 years old or older has decreased by more than 20 million yen on average. It can be seen that it was. "