"European Nations" offers the world new lessons... and 4 heart attacks stopped the pulse of the masses

Humanity triumphs in Ericsson's horror scene

  • Danish star Christian Eriksson the moment of his sudden fall.

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Humanity triumphed over football by stopping the match between Denmark and Finland in the 42nd minute, and for an hour and a half, during the confrontation that brought them together in the European Nations Cup, the day before yesterday, and it ended in the interest of Finland with a free goal, after the scene of the sudden fall of the Danish player Christian Eriksson to the ground without Friction with any player and he needed electric shocks and cardiopulmonary resuscitation to overcome his crisis until he left the stadium carried on an ambulance stretcher, amid moments of terror experienced by the fans and players.

The confrontation was on its way to being postponed by a decision of the European Union, which supports the referee, to stop the match and not to complete it until after full reassurance of the health condition of the Danish player and his overcoming of the critical condition, after which the instructing to complete the meeting, so that “Planet Europe” continues to provide lessons to the world about the value of life and players and to present it Calculate any legal considerations in football and others.

At the time when the players returned to the stadium to complete the match, the Finland national team lined up to greet the Danish players and applaud for a long time to motivate them and raise their morale, especially as they went through a difficult situation worried about their colleague, and psychologically affected by what happened.

Ericsson's case was not the first in the football field, as it also witnessed many cases of sudden falls of players and some of them died, but the difference lies in that the matches were completed immediately with the player leaving the green rectangle, while the rest of his colleagues remain tense and drowsiness controls them!

One of the most prominent cases is the fall of Sevilla player Antonio Puerta in the Getafe match in 2007, and his death three days later due to the repercussions of a heart attack at the age of 22 years.

In 2017, the Dutch Ajax Amsterdam player, Moroccan Abdelhak Nouri, fell during a friendly match with Werder Bremen, as he had a heart rhythm disorder, and a large part of his brain stopped working due to the lack of oxygen supply, so he fell into a complete coma and did not wake up from it for three years until March 2020.

As for Hungary striker Miklos Fehr, he collapsed on the ground in pain before he fell to the ground due to a heart attack during a match between Benfica and Vitoria Guimaraes in the Portuguese league in 2004, and paramedics tried to revive the unconscious 24-year-old player before he was taken to hospital to die there.

The same applies to the Cameroon national team player, Marc Foe, who lost consciousness during a match in the Confederations Cup in 2003, and paramedics tried to revive his heart, but his death was announced at the age of 28.

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