The Japan Championships in Athletics was held in Nagano City, where Yuki Yamazaki won the 7th consecutive women's competition and Akihiko Nakamura won the 10th consecutive men's competition.

The Japan Championships for Men's Decathlon and Women's Heptathlon, which hold track and field events on land for two days, were held in Nagano City from the 12th to the 2nd, which also served as the representative selection for the Tokyo Olympics.

On the 13th of the second day, the 5th event for boys and the 3rd event for women were held. Of these, Yamazaki, a female player, took the lead at a pace that exceeded her own Japanese record at the end of the 1st day. We welcomed.

On this day as well, the first long jump was 5 meters and 72 centimeters, which was the second place overall, and the javelin throw was 46 meters and 74 centimeters, which was the top overall. I played.

Expectations were high for the Japanese record to be updated, but the score for the field event did not increase, and the total for the 7th event was 5909 points, which was 66 points, which did not reach the Japanese record.

Akihiko Nakamura, who reached the second day in 2nd place for boys, marked his personal best of 56 meters and 18 centimeters in the 9th event and took the lead. He scored 7833 points and won the tournament for the second time in a row.

On the other hand, in the representative selection of the Tokyo Olympics, there were no athletes who broke the participation standard record of 8350 points for boys and 6420 points for women, which is higher than the Japanese record, and no offer was given at this tournament.

Yamazaki, the 4th consecutive champion, looks ahead to the Paris Olympics three years later

Yuki Yamazaki, who won the championship for the fourth time in a row, said, "I'm glad I was able to set a record close to my personal best, which is a Japanese record. I feel confident. I'm really looking forward to it. "

For the future, he said, "I'm in good shape, so I'd like to stabilize the field events and take on the challenge of breaking the Japanese record."

Yamazaki has not reached the standard record of participation in the Olympic Games, 6420 points, and is not in the top of the world ranking, so it is difficult to participate in the Tokyo Games.

Based on that, "I have been conscious of the Olympics since I was able to get a score close to the Japanese record, but I think that the wall of the world is high. The Paris Olympics three years later and the world of next year I want to do my best for the championship. "

List of 7 women's competition winners

Winner Yuki Yamazaki 5909 points 4th consecutive championship

2nd place Kasuzu Odama 5622 points

4th place Sayaka Osuga 5300 points

5th place Konoka Takahashi 5260 points

6th place Nanaka Kajiki 5213 points

7th place Yukino Nakamura 5194 points

8th place Yui Takase Na player 5156 points

8th place


Mizutani 5156 points

List of 10 Men's Decathlon Winners

Winner Akihiko Nakamura

7833 points

2nd consecutive championship

2nd place Keisuke Okuda 7768 points

3rd place Takeshi Shimizu 7661 points

4th place Yuma Maruyama 7484 points

5th place Ryoya Moriguchi 7253 points

6th place Rin Haraguchi 7236 points

7th place Masaru Iwasaki Makoto 7178 points

8th place Akihiko Maekawa 7070 points