Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen collapsed in the middle of a match on Saturday on the second day of the Euro.

Former doctor of the Blues, Jean-Pierre Paclet salutes on Europe 1 the speed of the emergency response, which he said saved the player's life.

"The response time is crucial in this kind of story."

Panic at the Euro. Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen collapsed in the middle of the game on Saturday, causing immense emotion on the second day of the tournament. The match was immediately interrupted, the medical supervision of the Danish team intervened, quickly joined by the medical services of the tournament. The player, who fortunately regained consciousness, was then transported "awake" to a hospital in Copenhagen. "Remember Marc-Vivien Foé

(Cameroonian player who died in the middle of a game in 2003, editor's note),

help did not arrive immediately. The response time is crucial in this kind of story," said Jean -Pierre Paclet, former doctor of the France team, at the microphone of Europe 1.

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The images of Inter Milan's attacking midfielder suddenly collapsing on the pitch, his eyes rolled back, had raised fears of the worst.

But after a period of worry and uncertainty, the news about Christian Eriksen's state of health was reassuring.

"The massage and the defibrillator were able to restart the heart and maintain satisfactory oxygenation of the brain. This set of rapid measures saved his life," explains Jean-Pierre Paclet. 

"Medical examinations are not 100% reliable"

These chilling images, however, sent football fans back to other dramas that have occurred on the pitches in recent years, such as the death of Marc-Vivien Foé and David Ginola's discomfort in May 2016, during a charity match.

His stroke had taken him to the hospital where he had undergone a quadruple coronary bypass surgery.

"The obligatory medical visits for all players make it possible to monitor their cardiovascular function but all examinations, despite their sophistication, are unfortunately not 100% reliable", recalls the former doctor of the Blues. 

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In the early evening, UEFA assured that Christian Eriksen was "in stable condition". The Danish Football Federation has also indicated that the player, "awake", was undergoing examinations at the main hospital in Copenhagen.