The Dutch volleyball players suffered their third defeat in the Nations League on Saturday.

Reigning Olympic champion China was much too strong for the Orange in Rimini, Italy.

The Netherlands barely had anything to say in the first two sets against China, which won 3-0: 25-12, 25-18 and 33-31.

The Chinese team lost five of its first nine matches in the Nations League, but that was mainly because the number three in the world ranking gave a rest to quite a few important players in the first phase of the tournament.

This week, six toppers were flown in and that caused a significant difference in quality with the Orange on Saturday.

21-year-old Li Yingying was the top scorer with nineteen points.

In the Netherlands, Nika Daalderop (11) and Celeste Plak (10) accounted for the most points.

The Orange squad is in fifth place in the Nations League standings with seven wins and three defeats.

After fifteen matches, the top four qualify for the quarter-finals.

Standings in Nations League

  • 1. United States: 10 wins, 0 defeats

  • 2. Japan: 8-2

  • 3. Turkey: 8-2

  • 4. Brazil: 7-2

  • 5. Netherlands: 7-3

  • 6. Russia: 6-4