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8:15 p.m .: Good evening everyone.

UEFA has just confirmed the match will take place after reassuring news from Copenhagen on Eriksen's state of health. 

What if I posted the opinion of Benoît Poolevorde to you to summarize what we should think of Belgium before its first match of the Euro? 

“I'm not going to follow the Euro, I don't know anything about it!

I knew there was football when I saw that there were players' heads on the beer cans!

So I said: “Hey, it's the World Cup!” I was told: “No, it's the Euro!” But as I know that at the World Cup, we have was not bad, now I know we have to say that we have chances of having the Euro.

But I also know that every time we have a good chance of winning something, it's very Belgian, we wallow like shit from the start!


Without De Bruyne injured for the entire first round, and without Hazard, in chiaroscuro for two years, everything is said no?

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