Yuki Yamazaki finished the 4th event in the Japan Championships in Athletics, a mixed track and field event held in Nagano City, with 3447 points, surpassing last month's tournament, which set a new Japanese record.

The Japan Championships in Athletics, which is a mixed track and field event that includes 10 men's and 7 women's events, including track and field events, began in Nagano City on the 12th.

On the 12th of the first day of the women's heptathlon, the 4th event of 100 meters hurdles, high jump, shot put, and 200 meters was held. And took the lead after the first day.

Yamazaki marked the first place overall, 12 meters and 21 centimeters, in the third shot put, and even in the final 200 meters, he marked a good time of 24.20, which was the top overall.

Yamazaki's score is 66 points higher than the 3381 points marked at the end of the 4th event when he broke the Japanese record last month, and it is expected that the Japanese record will be updated on the 13th.

In second place was Nippon Sport Science University's Karin Odama, who recorded the highest jump of 1 meter and 72 centimeters overall, and scored 3406 points.

In 3rd place was Noka Toshito with 3238 points.

On the 13th of the second day, there will be a long jump, javelin throw, and a third event of 800 meters.

Okuda is the top in the men's decathlon

On the other hand, in the men's decathlon, the fifth event was held, and Keisuke Okuda scored a total of 4152 points, overtaking Akihiko Nakamura, who won the previous tournament, to take the lead.

On the 12th of the first day, the 10-type competition was held in the 100-meter long jump, shot put, high-running jump, and the fifth event of 400 meters.

Okuda took the lead by setting a time of 10 seconds 70 in the 100 meters of the first event, and after that he entered the 5th place in each event and reached the final event of 400 meters while maintaining the top overall.

At 400 meters, he finished the first day without giving up the top position in the overall ranking, scoring a total of 4152 points and finishing first in this event with a strong run of 47.59 seconds.

Nakamura, who scored 4061 points, was in second place, followed by Takeshi Shimizu, who scored 4010 points in third place.

On the 13th of the second day, there will be 110 meters hurdles, discus throws, pole vaults, javelin throws, and the 1500m fifth event.

Yuki Yamazaki "Aiming for personal best one by one tomorrow"

Yuki Yamazaki commented on the last 200 meters, which marked a good time of 24.20 in the 2.4 meters of wind assistance. I'm glad I was able to run all the way through, "he recalled with a smile.

On top of that, he said that he finished the 4th event on the first day at a pace that exceeded his own Japanese record, saying, "I noticed that it was my best pace. It would be great if we could set a Japanese record as a result. "

Kasuzu Otama "The regret is greater than the joy"

Kasuzu Odama of Nippon Sport Science University, who finished second in the overall results of the 4th event held on the first day, such as recording the top 1 meter 72 cm in the high jump, said, "I was able to finish the first day with the best record. , I couldn't reach the top because I couldn't reach the top, so I'm more disappointed than happy. Tomorrow I want to do my best to catch up. "

Keisuke Okuda "I'm honestly happy"

Keisuke Okuda, who took the lead after the first day, said, "What I have done so far is gradually helping me. I am frankly happy to be able to lead Nakamura and turn back." ..

Towards the 13th, "I have focused on the pole vault that ended without a record at last month's tournament, so I want to do my best with particular awareness. I want to get at least 7700 to 7800 points and get into the top." I was enthusiastic.

Akihiko Nakamura "Get 8000 points and win"

Akihiko Nakamura, who returned in 2nd place, said, "I was in good physical condition, but I think I was able to score about 85 points if I had a good score."

Still, he said, "I was able to update my personal best with shot put, run high jumps and put together 400 meters. Hopefully I can bring it from 85 points to 100 points tomorrow."

On top of that, he was enthusiastic about winning the tournament in a row, saying, "I think all the events will be the points tomorrow. I want to do my best to get 8000 points and win the championship."