At Roland-Garros,

For many minutes already, the public of the Chatrier had been passing the message on each change of side.

"We will not leave, we will not leave," sang the spectators, spellbound by this semi-final between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal but worried about having to leave these two monsters because of the curfew.

The bad experience of Wednesday, during the quarter between Djoko and Berrettini, had marked the spirits.

And then at 22:39 very precisely, the deliverance!

Just after the victory of the third set by the Serbian after a crazy tie-break, Marc Maury announced the good news at the microphone: "Madam, Sir, in agreement with the national authorities, the match will come to an end in your presence.


The announcer had to do it twice to make himself understood, and then it was big nonsense in the stands for the next three minutes.

Songs, dances, a Marseillaise, and then "thank you Manu!"

", too.

Well seen.

The President of the Republic in person gave his agreement to the organizers of Roland for this violation of health rules.

“I would like to thank the Elysée and Matignon for allowing us to go to the end of this incredible suspense, of this legendary match, declared Gilles Moretton, the president of the FFT, at the microphone of France Télévisions.

We saw this possibility coming into the lineup with a risk, that of two games that last a long time.

Generally, a match lasts on average 2h40.

There we exceed the norm in these two exceptional semi-finals.


"The greatest match I have played here in Paris"

It is true that the first between Tsisipas and Zverev had already lasted 3:40.

The one between the two favorites 4:11.

This fiery afternoon could not end behind closed doors ... "I think we had to go to the end with spectators", appreciated Moretton.

The public was up to the derogation, with a nice atmosphere still in the 4th set, which saw the fall of King Nadal.

After a nice ovation to the owner, who will not win his 14th Roland this year, the spectators were not stingy with his killer.

Sometimes shunned, the world number 1 was able to count on fed applause during and after the meeting.

“You were great to me, thank you very much,” he said at the microphone just after the game.

It is surely the greatest game that I have played here in Paris.

The opponent, the atmosphere, everything was perfect.



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