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Immobile has fun in the heart of the game. The Turks are chloroformed.

17th: INSIGNIA !!!!


The tattooed from Naples opens his foot much, much too much and sends the ball into the Tiber.


 For the moment, the Turks can not make two passes ...


Oh Insigne's predictable heel.

She wasn't phoned, she was faxed.


Hey, a Turkish attack at last.

The Ch'ti Yazici was at the origin of the movement, which gave nothing.


For the moment, it balances Fonsorbes - Bretenoux / Biars way in DH in the 90s.


Berardi sprints like Ronald Pognon on the right side to cross.

Immobile resumes next door.

1st: Songs, whistles, life what ...

But what does it feel good after a year of monastic surroundings !!!

9 p.m .: I DECLARE EURO 2021 OPEN.

The Italians kick off.

9 p.m .: I AM HOT AS COAL.

I have had

Etienne Daho's

Weekend in Rome

in my head since this morning.

8:58 p.m .: 


there are 16,000 lucky and lucky people

at the Olympic Stadium.

Of which a majority of Italians of course.

8:54 p.m.: 

UEFA had announced a short opening ceremony, it kept its word.

It's not bad, we will be able to get to the heart of the matter

with the Turkish and Italian anthems


8:51 pm: 

The style and the title are necessarily consensual, given the event: “We are the people”.

At the same time, we weren't expecting black metal.

8:49 p.m .: 

The official song now, with DJ Martin Garrix but also U2.

Finally, just The Edge (face-to-face) and Bono (Aladdin's genius style). 

8:44 p.m .:

Andrea Bocelli now.

Well, given the tone of the evening, not sure that we see the Måneskin, the Italian winners of Eurovision.

8:42 p.m .: So there, I like a lot less.

The special effects to simulate balloons coming out from under the lawn, I did the same 30 years ago on my Thomson TO8.

8:41 p.m .: And let's go for pyrotechnics.

We dance, there are people hanging on ropes who go up and down, playing drums.


At the same time, I am such a good audience that even a Guignol show would make me happy. 

8:38 p.m .: 

The opening ceremony,

Ladies and Gentlemen.

We have seen the Roman legends Totti and Nesta.

Now it is


William Tell

which resounds with young people topped with helium balloons in the colors of the 24 teams.

8:36 p.m .:

Italian side,

no surprise


The septuagenarian hinge (between them) Chiellini-Bonucci is well established.

🇮🇹 Italy are unbeaten in 27 internationals (W22, D5) ...

🤔 Main man for the Azzurri = _____ @ azzurri |

# EURO2020

- UEFA EURO 2020 (@ EURO2020) June 11, 2021

8:31 p.m.:

Alleeeez, we are resolutely moving towards this beginning of Euro with the compositions.

That of Turkey first (since it is a Turkey-Italy that we are going to see).

The three Lille are holders: 

Çelik in defense, Yazici in the middle and captain Yilmaz in front


It was long, and not at all good.

With a year late, Euro 2020 (finally 2021 therefore) begins this Friday.

With a poster worth its weight in grissini: Turkey-Italy.

Contrary to what the order of the match seems to indicate, it takes place in Rome, at the Olympic Stadium.

Even without Marco Verratti, in delicacy with his body for the 1852nd time in his career, the team of the elegant Roberto Mancini look great, camped on

their 27 games in a row unbeaten


She has never lost in 10 encounters against the Bosphorus players, but their last meeting was almost 15 years ago.

Our bets (sometimes stupid) for Euro 2021 via @ 20minutesSport

- 20 Minutes Sport (@ 20minutesSport) June 11, 2021

Above all, the selection brought by

the eternal and formidable Burak Yilmaz

, close to champion of France, displays a level that he had not known for nearly two decades.

She then finished third in the 2002 World Cup, already with the same mentor, Senol Günes.

Because we have rarely been so excited to attend an opening ceremony, we meet again at 8:30 pm.

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