During the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, there are a number of voices from local governments requesting cancellation or review of public viewing planned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Organizing Committee are planning to set up event venues "live sites" in Tokyo, including public viewing and competition experience corners, at Yoyogi Park and Inokashira Park during the Tokyo Games. Will be canceled during the Olympics because it will be used as a venue for vaccinations.

In addition, about Inokashira Park, where the park is located ▼ Musashino City submitted a request to the city to cancel, saying that "many voices are reaching the city concerned that many people will gather", and ▼ Mitaka City has canceled Although we have not requested it, we are requesting the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to take thorough measures against infection, such as limiting the number of visitors and abolishing eating and drinking booths, and to establish a vaccination site in the park.

On the other hand, we are requesting that the local city of Chofu reconsider the pros and cons of public viewing in the hall in front of Chofu Station during the Paralympic Games, which is planned by the city.

Furthermore, regarding the venue to be set up on the campus of the metropolitan university in Hachioji City, the labor union made up of faculty and staff has asked the university to stop renting the venue, and the university is also asking the city to take the utmost measures.

Regarding these requests from local governments, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government said, "We are accepting the opinions received and considering how to respond. We cannot deny that the implementation of public viewing will generate a flow of people, and we can listen to the opinions of experts. I want to take as many measures as possible. "

Based on the situation such as the government's restrictions on events, the policy is to decide in the future whether or not to implement public viewing and the number of people.

Governor Koike "Adjustment while exchanging opinions and requests from local governments"

At a press conference on the 11th, Governor Koike said, "We received requests from each local government," regarding the fact that local governments are calling for cancellation or review of public viewing planned by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Therefore, the current situation is that we are making adjustments while exchanging various opinions. "

After that, he said, "We will make preparations and adjustments based on the guidelines of the Games Organizing Committee and the government's event holding policy."

On the other hand, in July, Governor Koike said, "We will make a decision based on the infection status of the new coronavirus, etc." as to whether or not to hold the Olympic torch relay in Tokyo on public roads.

College students "Prepare all the measures" "I doubt if it is necessary"

At the Tokyo Metropolitan University Minami Osawa Campus in Hachioji City, where public viewing is planned, various voices were heard from students.

Of these, a male student in the third grade said, "I personally think that it is good to liven up the Olympics, so it is better to do it after taking all possible measures. It is not good for people to gather too much. So if you do, it's better to leave a space to sit down and limit participation to neighbors. "

On the other hand, a female student in the second grade said, "Is it okay for students to bring outsiders to the campus even though they are in online classes? I wonder if public viewing is necessary in the first place. I don't think it's something we should do now to move in the direction of excitement with the ing. "

Tokyo 23 wards correspondence divided

When asked if public viewing would be held during the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, five wards said that they would cancel due to the infection status of the new coronavirus, and 12 wards said. They answered, "We are carefully considering whether to implement it."

NHK asked the 23 wards of Tokyo whether or not to hold an event venue "live site" that includes public viewing and competition experience corners in the wards by the 10th.

As a result, in addition to ◇ Sumida Ward, which has already announced the cancellation, ◇ Suginami Ward, ◇ Arakawa Ward, ◇ Adachi Ward, and ◇ Taito Ward, a total of 5 wards, "will be canceled based on the infection situation etc." I answered.

On the other hand, the five wards that answered "Implement" were ◆ Chiyoda Ward, ◆ Minato Ward, ◆ Nakano Ward, ◆ Ota Ward, and ◆ Kita Ward.

However, in addition to taking necessary infection control measures such as limiting the number of people when implementing any of the wards, some wards answered that they may review them in the future.

In addition, ▽ Chuo Ward, ▽ Bunkyo Ward, ▽ Shinjuku Ward, ▽ Meguro Ward, ▽ Shibuya Ward, ▽ Nerima Ward, ▽ Shinagawa Ward, ▽ Setagaya Ward, ▽ Toshima Ward, ▽ Itabashi Ward, ▽ Edogawa Ward, and ▽ Katsushika Ward The 12 wards of No. do not answer whether to implement or cancel, but say, "We are carefully considering the infection situation."

Koto Ward had no plans to do public viewing or live sites from the beginning.

Conducted at Shiba Park every day in Minato-ku, Tokyo

Minato-ku, Tokyo plans to hold public viewings at the municipal Shiba Park every day during the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Among them, we plan to install a large 300-inch monitor in the park so that we can watch the game from the grassy plaza, and we will limit the number of people who can enter at one time to 2000 people.

On top of that, we will thoroughly implement infection control measures, ▼ mark the ground so that there is a space of 2 meters between the spectators, ▼ prohibit loud cheering, ▼ limit to cheering with applause and noise. I have.

In addition, since there are more than 80 embassies in Minato Ward, we are planning an event to invite ambassadors and related people living in Japan to the venue and introduce the culture of that country to those who came. ..

Naoya Shiraishi, chief of the Olympic and Paralympic Games promotion section in Minato Ward, said, "It is true that we are forced to make a difficult decision whether to implement or cancel due to the corona disaster. Above, I want to create a place where everyone can share the joy of supporting sports. "

Yokohama City Public Viewing and Events Canceled

Yokohama City has announced that it will cancel the public viewing and events scheduled for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

In Yokohama City, during the period of the Olympic Games, from July 31st to August 7th, there will be an event where you can enjoy public viewing and competition experience using a large screen at Ohsanbashi Hall in Yokohama Port. It was scheduled to be held.

In addition, ▼ the city hall was scheduled to hold public viewing every day during the Olympics and Paralympics, and ▼ public viewing was also planned at two locations in Isogo Ward, but the city was scheduled to have public viewing on the 11th. Announced to cancel.

Mayor Fumiko Hayashi said, "We have made a decision with the highest priority given to the safety and security of the citizens. Even in Yokohama City, because there are calls for refraining from going out unnecessarily to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. As the competition will be held, we will take thorough measures against infectious diseases so that it will be a wonderful tournament that will be remembered by people all over the world, and will contribute to the success of the tournament. "

Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Tamura Calling for watching and cheering at home

After the Cabinet meeting, Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Tamura told reporters, "I think we have made appropriate decisions. I think that we will have experts from other regions join us to make appropriate decisions." I did.

On top of that, "Athletes have been struggling for the past year in their respective competitions, but we also have to fight to prevent the spread of the infection. How to make the Games less risky? I think the significance of this Olympics is exactly that, "he said, calling for watching and cheering at home to reduce the risk of infection.

On the other hand, regarding the decision to cancel the state of emergency for 10 prefectures, which is due on the 20th of this month, "There are various opinions at the government subcommittee and the expert meeting of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. I think. I will make a decision while listening carefully. "

Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato "Judgment based on local infection status"

At a press conference in the afternoon, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said, "Basically, we ask the local government, which is the organizer, to consider how to hold the event, including whether or not it can be held, based on the infection situation in the area. Of course, there are restrictions, and we ask the government to discuss them in a subcommittee, and we will decide from now on after next month, so please make a decision based on those things as well. We believe that you will be able to make appropriate decisions, including the perspective of ensuring the safety of residents, based on the guidelines, the opinions of experts, and restrictions on holding events. "