Sanne van Dijke failed to reach the final of the World Judo Championship on Thursday.

The Dutch fell in the category up to 70 kilograms in an exciting semi-final and is sentenced to the battle for bronze in Budapest.

Because of her position in the world ranking, Van Dijke did not have to take action in the first round.

By victories over the American Chantal Wright, the Hungarian Szabina Gercsak and the Irish Megan Fletcher, who defeated them all on ippon, the 25-year-old from Brabant faced Yoko Ono in the semifinals.

Van Dijke quickly took the lead against the Japanese, but then struggled.

She took two penalties and by waza-ari Ono forced a golden score.

After almost three minutes of extra time, Van Dijke ended up in a hold and tapped off tiredly.

In the battle for bronze, Van Dijke will take on the German Miriam Butkereit later on Thursday.

Van Dijke, who became European champion in April, has never won a World Cup medal in her career.

Van Dijke will represent the Netherlands this summer at the Olympic Games in the category up to 70 kilograms.

She had long competed with Kim Polling for the only Olympic ticket in her weight class, but was narrowly favored by the selection committee.

Sanne van Dijke started the World Cup well and defeated, among others, Megan Fletcher (in blue), but lost her semi-final.

Sanne van Dijke started the World Cup well and defeated, among others, Megan Fletcher (in blue), but lost her semi-final.

Photo: AFP

Polling replacement beats world champion wereld

Polling tried to get a ticket for Tokyo through an objection procedure, but that was in vain.

The four-time European champion then decided to cancel the World Cup due to a lack of focus.

Hilde de Jager was able to replace Polling in the category up to 70 kilograms and started excellently by first eliminating the Kazakh Zere Bektaskyzy and then very surprisingly the French world top and title defender Marie-Eve Gahié.

However, she lost to Croatian Barbara Matic in the battle for a semi-final place.

In the category up to 90 kilograms, Jesper Smink did not manage to get far.

After a win over Paolo Persoglia from San Marino in the first round, he had to acknowledge his superiority in the second round in the Israeli Li Kochman.

Noël van 't End, who became the first Dutchman since 2009 to become world judo champion in 2019, decided not to defend his title in the category up to 90 kilograms and to focus entirely on the Olympic Games.

The World Judo Championship will last until Sunday. Frank de Wit and Sanne Vermeer gave the Netherlands the first medals of the tournament on Wednesday by taking bronze.