Professional baseball pitcher Kaima Taira managed to score no goals in nine innings in the interleague game with DeNA on the night of the 10th, achieving 31 consecutive games without goals in line with the professional baseball record.

In the game on the 9th, pitcher Taira kept one inning in nine innings to zero and scored no goals in 30 consecutive games from the opening, leaving one more in the professional baseball record.

Then, on the night of the 10th, he went up to the mound as the sixth pitcher in the scene where he led 5 to 3 in the 9th inning of the exchange game with DeNA at the home base MetLife Dome.

After hitting the lead batter to the outfield fly, Taira was hit by the following batter, but in the end he kept it to double play.

With this, pitcher Taira has scored no goals in 31 consecutive games since the opening, and is in line with the professional baseball record marked by pitcher Shinji Tajima of Chunichi in 2016, five years ago.

After the match, pitcher Taira said, "I was a little conscious that I could get flowers if I held it down today, but I'm glad I was able to throw it as usual. I'm glad that everyone said" Congratulations "."

After that, he expressed his enthusiasm for updating the professional baseball record, saying, "I'm in line with the record, so I'd like to update it next time. I want to accumulate one game per game."