In professional baseball, six exchange games were held, and Seibu's pitcher Taira scored his fifth save with no runs in 31 consecutive games since the opening, which was on the record for professional baseball.

▽ Seibu vs. DeNA, Seibu won 5-3.

Seibu won two points, one-on-one twice, with Tsuge's timely two-base and Kishi's timely.

In the 4th inning, Kuriyama added points in a timely manner.

Starting pitcher Utsumi won his first victory of the season with 3 goals in the 5th inning, and pitcher Taira, who went up to the mound in the 9th inning, scored his 5th save with no goals in 31 consecutive games since the opening, which is on par with professional baseball records.

In DeNA, starting pitcher Sakamoto couldn't make a match with 4 goals in the middle of the 3rd inning.

▽ Rakuten vs. Chunichi, Rakuten won 6-2.

Rakuten scored two goals in a timely manner with Asamura and Okajima in the third inning.

In the 4th inning, Daichi Suzuki scored additional points in No. 3 Touran.

Starting pitcher Takinaka scored his fifth win with two goals in the fifth inning.

In Chunichi, pitcher Katsuno collapsed with 4 runs in the 4th inning.

▽ Softbank vs. Hiroshima drew 1: 1.

Softbank caught up with Mimori's timely three-base in the 8th inning of 0 to 1.

At Softbank, Pitcher Ray was a good pitcher with eight hits and four hits and one goal.

Hiroshima took the lead with Kron's No. 6 solo, and pitcher Tamamura pitched well with no runs in the sixth inning.

▽ Lotte vs. Yakult, Lotte won 2-1.

Lotte caught up with an error in the 5th inning of 0 to 1 and won in the 8th inning with Laird's No. 15 solo home run.

Starting pitcher Roki Sasaki scored one goal in the sixth inning, and the third pitcher Karakawa scored his fourth win.

Yakult was only one point by Murakami's No. 18 solo.

▽ Orix vs. Giants, Orix won 6-0.

In the 1st inning, Sugimoto scored 3 points in a timely two-base, and in the 5th inning, T-Okada scored an additional point in the 7th three-run.

Starting pitcher Sachiya Yamasaki is the second win with no runs in the sixth inning.

Orix has won three consecutive victories, returning the winning percentage to 50%.

The Giants suffered the worst four consecutive losses this season.

▽ Nippon-Ham vs. Hanshin, Hanshin won 4-2.

Hanshin took the lead in the 5th inning with Nakano's timely lead, and in the 7th inning, Chikamoto's No. 4 solo home run expanded his lead.

Starting pitcher Alcantara scored his second win in the middle of the seventh inning with no runs, Suarez scored his 19th save, Hanshin won three consecutive games, and Nippon-Ham lost three games in a row.