Groves, who took silver in Rio in the 200-meter butterfly and was part of the 4x100-meter medley team, first presented his accusations late last year.

She develops her views on social media today:

"Let this be a lesson for all perverted misogynists and all their ass-lickers," Groves writes.

She believes that young women are exploited by male leaders but is vague in what she considers herself to be exposed to.

She has described that a man stared at her in a bathing suit and that she then felt uncomfortable.

Refuses to provide information to the union

The Australian Swimming Federation emphasizes that it takes sexual allegations seriously but has not received any information from Groves, despite having been in contact, in order to proceed. 

- Maddie refused to provide further information, and we also have no previous complaints from Maddie, they say from the union, according to the BBC.

After the break, Groves will resume his career later in the year.

The Australian Olympic qualifiers begin in Adelaide on Saturday.

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Sjöström third in comeback Photo: Bildbyrån