With a firm, seamless speech, Luis Enrique started the first explanations about an atypical concentration, marked by the positive of Sergio Busquets. The Covid has forced to change the dynamics of the group, but, in the eyes of the coach, it is no excuse for the European Championship. Unlike. "After seeing how we have adapted, I can only think that only positive things await us and we are going to give a lot of war," he threw confidently from the lectern of the Ciudad del Fútbol de Las Rozas, now almost empty due to the isolation required by the protocol against coronavirus. At least, in that bubble it seems to breathe optimism: "Without the head there is nothing to do. And we are in a good head."

The Asturian technician cleared up some unknown.

For example, what was going to happen with Sergio Busquets.

The response was overwhelming.

"We are going to wait for him. Play with an advantage for being the first positive. Busquets will be on the list. That's for sure."

Although for a few days he planned the shadow that he could be substituted (he has time until 48 hours before the premiere against Sweden), his position with respect to the Barça midfielder is clear.

The asymptomatic player is following the national team's personalized training plan and has no problem maintaining himself physically.

So, when the PCR is negative, already after the first game, it will rejoin the concentration.

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