Nycke Groot will join the Dutch handball team at Papendal in a few days, which is preparing for the Olympic Games.

According to national coach Emmanuel Mayonnade, the Odense player did not sustain a serious injury in her fall in the Danish cup final last Sunday.

"Everything is fine. She has already been to Papendal for a medical check and she has not broken anything in her shoulder. With a few days of rest she can start training. A big relief, because the fall looked ugly and I made worry me," said Mayonnade, who persuaded 33-year-old Groot to return to the team after an absence of more than two years.

Groot retired from Orange in January 2019 after a series of successful years.

She won silver with the Dutch team at the 2015 World Cup and the 2016 European Championship, where she was also chosen as the best player.

He won bronze at the 2017 World Cup and the 2018 European Championship.

She was no longer there when the Orange won the world title at the end of 2019.

Mayonnade could use a playmaker of the caliber of Groot at the Games in Tokyo, especially because it is highly uncertain whether Estavana Polman, who injured her knee, will be fit in time.

"I have talked a lot with Nycke and we have made a deal," said the national coach.

"She would like to be there and train with the team again, but if things don't go the way she wants and the feeling isn't right, she'll stop. The same goes for me; she's a great player and I'd love to have her on it, But if I think things aren't going my way, I can say goodbye to her."

"That's how we are both in it. It means that we see how things are going every day. So I don't know whether she will be there in Tokyo at the moment."

The Olympics start on July 23.