Zhu Ting, the leader of the Chinese women's volleyball team, has been on the hot search again.

  Recently, some netizens left a message on social media: “It turns out that Zhu Ting started to play volleyball at the age of 14, and started playing the main national team at the age of 18.... This is probably the son of choice?!”

  Zhu Ting's early career experience has attracted attention on the Internet again, and the entry "Zhu Ting is the son of heaven" also resonated with netizens.

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  Fans familiar with the Chinese women's volleyball team will not be unfamiliar with Zhu Ting's deeds: from a rural background, from a poor family, joined the national team in 2013, became famous in the World Championships in 2014; won the World Cup in 2015, and reached the top in 2016 Rio; then he went abroad to Turkey, harvested the MVP in the European arena, and became the "ZHUPER" praised by foreign media...

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  Along the way, Zhu Ting seems to have become a talented "spokesperson".

  But behind this series of honours, Zhu Ting's unrepentant dedication, self-discipline of gritted teeth, and the spirit of never admit defeat.

The highlight performance on the court was exchanged by Zhu Ting for sweat, tears, and blood.

Data map: During the 2018 Asian Games, the main female volleyball team Zhu Ting was on the court.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

  When she first came into contact with volleyball, Zhu Ting's figure was thin like a bamboo pole.

Because of the bad family conditions, Zhu Ting's food at the sports school is steamed buns and pickles from her father.

  Although the material life is very hard, Zhu Ting is not lazy at all in training.

Zhu Ting will complete every task assigned by the coach seriously.

Zhu Ting kept practicing without the coach calling to stop.

After a long time, her body fell blue and purple, and over time, these scars became black marks that could not disappear.

  Before joining the national team, Zhu Ting was also confused.

She even called her father and asked her to pick her up from the sports school, but she couldn't hold on anymore.

But her father always persuaded her to hold on for a while.

Slowly, Zhu Ting found that she fell in love with volleyball.

Later, recalling those difficult years, Zhu Ting joked: "Fortunately, I had no money in my pocket at the time, so I bought my own ticket and went back when I was rich."

  Regarding the statement that "Zhu Ting is a once-in-a-century genius", Zhu Ting gave a negative answer in an interview with the media: "I am not a genius. I am a skinny, taller man like me. Go." When the reporter asked: "Is volleyball your only way out?" Zhu Ting replied: "Persistence is my only way out."

Data map: Zhu Ting in the game.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Du Yang

  It is precisely by virtue of the accumulation of training, Zhu Ting step by step towards the international arena.

  During the 2015 World Cup, Zhu Ting sprained her right foot during the game against South Korea.

The piercing pain made the strong girl shed tears.

  But for the game, Zhu Ting played a fixed right foot and returned to the court. Her right foot was not easy to move, but she was unambiguous every time she smashed. She repeatedly scored points at critical moments and led the team to win the game. .

Data map: Zhu Ting in the game.

Image source: ICphoto

  In the 2019 World Cup, Zhu Ting played almost every game with a hand injury.

Her right wrist was wrapped in a thick layer of tape, and after a spike, she muttered to herself: "It hurts."

However, in an interview after the game, a reporter was concerned about her injury, and she only personally said in an understatement: "Everything is normal."

  Talent for Zhu Ting's success is only one factor.

With only talent and no effort, Zhu Ting probably won't reach the height it is now.

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  To be a great athlete has always been Zhu Ting's ideal.

She said: "If you like something, you have to stick to it."

  So for Zhu Ting, the so-called genius is nothing more than a bit of growth; the so-called greatness comes from love from beginning to end; behind the so-called "son of heaven", there are four words-"Heaven's reward" Diligence".

(Reporter Xing Rui)