Ukraine, the first opponent of the Netherlands in the group stage of the European championship on Sunday, has to adjust the European Championship shirt from UEFA.

The Russian Football Federation filed a protest against the "politically designed" shirt on Tuesday and ruled in its favor a day later.

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According to the European Football Association, there is a slogan on the kit that is "clearly political".

Because that is prohibited by law, Russia is in the right.

UEFA rejected the slogan "Glory to our heroes".

This would refer to the anti-Russian uprising in Ukraine in 2014.

The Russian Football Federation filed an official protest with UEFA earlier this week.

The Russians pointed out to UEFA the political charge of the Ukrainian uniform.

Ukraine's European Championship jersey shows a map, including the Russian-annexed Crimea peninsula and the pro-Russian-controlled separatist regions of Donetsk and Lugansk.

"Political expressions have no place at a sporting event," the Russians argued.

"Ukraine is propaganda. If this is allowed, the end will be lost."

Also commotion about shirt North Macedonia

The Orange squad starts the European Championship on Sunday against Ukraine (kick-off 9 p.m.).

Also at North Macedonia, the last opponent of the Dutch national team in group C, there was recently a lot of commotion about the European Championship shirt to be worn.

North Macedonia had had new shirts designed at the request of the players, but the burgundy uniform with a picture of a lynx was not to the liking of the supporters.

The North Macedonian Football Association therefore asked UEFA whether the players at the European Championship can play in their old shirts again.

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