The Tokyo Olympic torch relay began on the 10th in Aomori Prefecture.

On the 10th of the first day, the relay on public roads was canceled and an alternative ignition ceremony was held in Aomori City.

The torch relay in Aomori Prefecture is scheduled for two days, 10th and 11th, and the relay on public roads was canceled on the 10th of the first day based on the infection status of the new coronavirus.

As an alternative event, an ignition ceremony will be held at Aoiumi Park in Aomori City, and 10 cities, towns and villages such as Aomori City and Mutsu City, where relays on public roads have been canceled, including some routes on the second day, will be run. Only 110 runners participated.

To prevent infection, the general spectators were not allowed to enter the venue, and the runners ran about 30 meters and connected the torch with a "torch kiss" that transferred the torch to the next runner.

The start was Haruka Saito, who led the team to the gold medal as the coach of the Japanese softball team at the Beijing Olympics, and when the torch was transferred, she decided to pose like a torch as a bat.

The ceremony continued until around 6:30 pm, and the last talent from Aomori City, Daimao Kosaka, transferred the torch to the torch.

On the 11th, a torch relay will be held on public roads, and will tour four cities and towns from Towada City to Hachinohe City.