Japan Women's Soccer National Team "Nadeshiko Japan" played a warm-up game against Ukraine in Hiroshima City, and Yuzuho Shiokoshi, who participated in the national team for the first time, scored two points and won 8-0.

Japan, which is ranked 11th in the world ranking, is preparing to announce the final members of the Tokyo Olympics in the middle of this month, and will play against Ukraine, which is ranked 31st in the world, at Edion Stadium Hiroshima in Hiroshima City on the 10th to select players and strengthen team strength. did.

Saki Kumagai, who has been the captain for a long time, Mana Iwabuchi, the ace, and Yuzuho Shiokoshi, the midfielder who will be the first player in the national team, have started.

In the 5th minute of the first half, Japan scored their first goal in the national team debut match with a cross ball from Iwabuchi on the left side and Shiogoshi with his right foot.

After that, Iwabuchi scored an additional point, and in the 38th minute Saori Takarada of the center back scored the ball from the corner kick with a volley shot, which also scored the first goal of the national team.

Three minutes later, Shiogoshi scored the second goal of the match, leading four points in the first half alone and turning back.

Japan continued to take the initiative in the second half, adding 4 points such as Iwabuchi scoring the second point, and Japan defeated Ukraine 8-0.

Japan is scheduled to play against Mexico, which is ranked 28th in the world, on the 13th of this month, and after that, the members of the Tokyo Olympics will be announced after the training camp until the 16th.

New force rises to become the final member

Manager Takakura was paying attention to the players of "new strength" in this game.

We also scrutinized this match to see if we have the ability to compete in the Tokyo Olympics.

Yuzuho Shiokoshi, who made his first appearance in the national team, Nanami Kitamura in the third match, and Saori Takarada in the sixth match were appointed as the starting lineup on the 10th.

Especially about Shiogoshi, before the match, coach Takakura said, "In the domestic league, I'm showing very good things such as middle shots and how to get involved in the middle stage, but is it valid in international matches?" It was an important race.

Shiogoshi is 23 years old.

A player who boasts high skills in dribbling and passing and can handle any position in the middle stage, he was appointed in an aggressive right side position on the 10th.

Then, in the 5th minute of the first half, he scored the first goal by accurately matching the cross ball, and in the 41st minute, he pushed the shot while meeting the opponent's mark and appealed with 2 goals.

After the match, he said, "I thought it was being tested. It's a plus that I was able to get a good result from the challenger's point of view. This result gives me confidence. Furthermore, my feelings for the Olympics have become stronger." It seemed that he was feeling the response to the results he had produced while he was exposed.

In addition to this, many new forces such as Takarada of the center back scoring from the set play that Japan is an issue, and Kitamura of the left side back taking advantage of the speed of the characteristic and breaking the opponent's defense from the side are the result. I left.

It is undeniable that the match was a match against an opponent with a difference in ability, with Japan winning 8-0, but it can be said that the fight for the national team has become fierce again.

First appearance in the national team Shiogoshi "I can do what I do"

Shiogoshi, who scored two goals in the match on the 10th, which was his debut match for the national team, said, "I'm glad that Iwabuchi gave me a good cross ball for the first goal. I want to get involved firmly in the game. I want to do what I do, whether I'm in the starting lineup or in the middle of the game, so that I won't regret it. "

Iwabuchi with 2 goals "One more level up for the Olympics"

Iwabuchi, who scored two goals, said, "I was only able to match both goals, but I'm glad I scored. I think we have to raise the level one step further toward the Tokyo Olympics, so everyone is highly conscious and detailed. I want to squeeze the part. "

Kumagai "How to get up and fight at the ball is better"

Japan national team defender Kumagai said, "I'm really glad that I was able to score a lot and win, but I don't think I can win the Tokyo Olympics unless I improve the way I get up and the fight at the ball. In the warm-up game, I want to be aware of the Olympics and correct what I couldn't do. "

Director Takakura Olympics member selection "Make your heart a demon"

Asako Takakura, the coach of Japan Women's National Team, recalled, "There was a scene where I was overtaken in the defensive part due to the strength peculiar to Europe, but I was able to correct it at an early stage, which led to the victory."

On top of that, regarding the selection of members for the Tokyo Olympics, he said, "Everyone really puts out what they have and is actively taking on challenges. All of them are wonderful players, but in order to win, their hearts are demons. I want to make a selection. "