Padres' Yu Darvish pitcher mentioned for the first time as a Japanese player on the 9th about the problem that major league pitchers put on sticky substances and throw illegally. I'm hoping to go in the right direction. "

In baseball, pitchers are prohibited from throwing sticky substances on their fingers other than non-slip rosin.

However, it has been pointed out that many players in the major leagues have been throwing illegal pitches with their fingers on pine trees for many years, and this month, several American media introduced a new rule for the major league baseball organization to crack down. That is a big discussion.

Darvish, who has been playing in the Major League Baseball since 2012, mentioned this issue for the first time as a Japanese player after the match on the 9th. I was pretending to be. "

Darvish, who is known for manipulating one of the most versatile changing balls in the major leagues, said that he did not use prohibited substances and said, "Some people have crossed a certain line and just put it on. So, it's too much to be able to throw a terrific change ball. "

He said, "I try hard to think about the changing ball and teach it to people, but recently I was wondering if it makes sense. I hope that it will go in the right direction."

"Slippery ball" in the background

"Slippery ball" is behind the problem of illegal pitching in Major League Baseball.

In general, Major League Baseball balls are said to be slippery than Japanese professional baseball balls, and many Japanese players who have challenged Major League Baseball have struggled to respond.

In 2014, pitcher Pineda of the Yankees was sent off after being confirmed to have a pine tree on his neck while pitching, and was suspended for 10 days.

American media have said that pitchers suffering from these slippery balls have used more sticky banned substances for many years, in addition to the non-slip rosin allowed by the rules, to make it even a little easier to put their fingers on. I'm telling you.

In addition to pine and other prohibited substances, sunscreen creams and hair styling products are used, and pitchers apply these substances to the inside of gloves, the back of the neck, and the wrists before climbing the pitch, and then apply them to the ball. It is said that it was.

Of course, these are violations of the rules, but in recent years, there is a suspicion that the number of rotations of the ball and the sharpness of the changing ball have greatly improved due to the further evolution of prohibited substances, and the problem has surfaced here.

Gerrit Cole, who has won seven wins this season with the Yankees' ace, was asked at a press conference on the 8th, "Have you ever used these prohibited substances?" It was.

Pitcher Cole said, "There are some customs that have been passed down from generations before ourselves. However, I think there are some things that are certainly crossing the boundaries now," he said. It suggested that the substance had been used for many years.

Also, on the 5th, pitcher Darbish told his Twitter that "The big league organization knows that there is a problem with the ball, but it will provide a ball that slides all the time. I know, so I will manage it first. Let's do it, "pointing out the problem with the ball.