Kenta Maeda, who is on the list of injured in the Major League Baseball Twins, started in the minor league under the umbrella on the 9th, and made progress toward returning to the Major League Baseball with one goal in four innings.

Pitcher Maeda entered the injured list last month due to the tension of the adductor muscle of his right leg, and after that, adjustment was delayed due to arm pain, but on the 9th, he started pitching in 3A of the minor league under the umbrella. ..

It was the first time in about three years since May 2017 during the Dodgers era that pitcher Maeda pitched in the minor league, and he went up to the mound in a uniform with a different uniform number "38".

After entering the injured list, pitcher Maeda was hit by a solo home run in the 4th inning in the first actual pitching, but this was the only hit he allowed, and he took 5 strikeouts and scored 1 goal in the 4th inning. I held it down and made progress toward returning to the major leagues.

The fastest straight was 149.6 km and the number of balls was 54.

Maeda "Convincing content"

Pitcher Maeda said, "I felt good and threw the number of balls as planned. I was satisfied with the content, and the most reassuring thing was that the straight ball speed returned. It was thrown cleanly for the first time in a long time." did.

For returning to the major leagues, "I was cheating before I left, but I was able to reset it firmly. With the feeling and content of throwing, I think that I will be thrown in the major next time, so I want to rewind from now on." I was talking.