Athletes competing in the Tokyo Olympics will be tracked by GPS during their stay.

The same applies to journalists, director Toshiro Muto of the organizing committee said on Wednesday.

The measure was taken in the context of the fight against the corona virus.

By following athletes, it must be prevented as much as possible that they deviate from the marked routes.

According to Muto, the data can serve as evidence if questions arise afterwards as to whether someone has complied with the measures or not.

"We are not going to follow every move," he said during a press conference.

"I want to trust that everyone follows the rules."

The decision to track athletes via GPS is said to have been taken in part to reassure the public.

In Japan, there are still major concerns that the Olympic Games will cause an increase in the number of infections.

Many people from the country would rather see the event canceled just like last year.

In addition, the vaccination process in Japan, where there is now a fourth wave of corona infections, is starting slowly.

A state of emergency is still in place in several regions, including Tokyo.