“It's terrible!

", This is the first reaction of Didier Deschamps when we mention the fratricidal Basque derby to come this Saturday between Biarritz Olympique and Aviron Bayonnais during the barrage of accession to the Top 14. The Bayonnais by birth" thinks "above all to his parents: "My dad and my mom are going to tear each other apart", laughs the coach.

“This war of bell towers”, Didier Deschamps knows it by heart.

He saw her from an early age in the family home between his “daddy who is Biarritz since he played there and his mum who is more Bayonnaise.

And him then, which way does his heart lean?

“I was born in one city (Bayonne), not in the other.

I played in one club (Aviron bayonnais), not in the other… But I like Biarritz, I like Bayonne.

Me, as I am Libra, ascendant Libra, I put in the middle!

Unfortunately, there will only be one happy and there will be one disappointed.

But at least that will liven up the BAB for a weekend.


In front of his post on Saturday afternoon?

“DD” in the text, communication expert.

In any case, he intends to keep an eye on this Basque derby scheduled for Saturday at 5.30 p.m. at the Aguiléra stadium.

“I have [Euro] matches, training.

But I will keep up to date and if I can watch it will be with pleasure!

He says.


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