The Tokyo Olympic torch relay, which started on the 6th in Yamagata Prefecture, will be held on the 7th while taking measures to prevent the infection of the new coronavirus, and in the evening it will arrive at the final goal point, Sakata City, to reach the finale.

The torch relay in Yamagata Prefecture started from Nishikawa Town on the morning of the 6th and went around 10 cities and towns.

Along the road, volunteers used placards with messages on infection prevention measures to encourage spectators to wear masks and keep a distance to support them.

Then, from 6 pm, the torchbearer ran through Yamadera in Yamagata City, which is a tourist attraction, and after 7 pm, in the center of Yamagata City.

At the Yamagata Prefectural Cultural Arts Center, which was the goal point on the 6th, the students of Yamagata University performed the "Hanagasa" dance, and the torch arrived before 8 pm while the mood was lively. Did.

At the venue, a ceremony called "Celebration" was held without the audience to prevent the infection of the new virus, and when the fire was moved to the torch, the people who gathered at the venue gave applause. ..

The torch relay will start in Tendo on the 7th and will travel to eight cities and towns.

Iimoriyama Park in Sakata City, which is the final goal point in Yamagata, will arrive before 8 pm to reach the finale and will be handed over to Akita Prefecture.