Prosecutor Staffan Edlund demanded a suspended sentence and a daily fine for the former Allsvenskan player, who in recent years has played in foreign professional clubs.

According to the prosecution, he intentionally took a yellow card in an Allsvenskan football match in the spring of 2019 and as a thank you for this, he had to borrow SEK 300,000 from two co-accused men.

However, the player denied this when he was questioned in the district court,

- Absolutely not.

I'm a football player.

I've been playing football my whole life.

I had never sacrificed my career for such a thing.

It does not exist, he said, among other things.

"Speaks for an agreement"

Today, two weeks after the trial ended, the verdict came.

And the district court chose to follow in the footsteps of the accused player and his defender.

The player was released.

“The district court's conclusion is that the circumstances with a certain probability indicate that an agreement on a loan was reached against the football player acting in a certain way in the upcoming match and that the bettors would thus win money through cheating.

However, with regard to the defendants' explanations and the investigation in the case, the district court cannot draw a sufficiently certain conclusion, ”the district court writes.

Two others are folded

One of the other players, who has played in the Swedish national futsal team, was also acquitted of involvement in the ex-Allsvenskan player's case.

However, two of the other accused players were convicted of bribery and game cheating linked to a Division 3 team.

On six different occasions, one of these people must have paid money to a player in the Division 3 team, in order for them to lose matches.

The player in that team has also played in the national futsal team.

“The district court has found that it is a question of a repeated pattern, that there are text messages that provide support that there was a match-fixing and that the defendants' explanations are not credible.

The player and the bettor are therefore judged.

They are sentenced to a suspended sentence and must pay the amounts they earned on the crime ", writes the district court.

In addition to the suspended sentence, the former futsal player is sentenced to a 50-day fine of SEK 120, while the person who gave him a bribe is only sentenced to a suspended sentence.