The last rounds of the Azerbaijani GP were full of drama.

Max Verstappen derailed to the wall in the final moments after the rear tire broke and Lewis Hamilton drove off the track at the rematch, so Red Bull runner-up Sergio Perez could win.

Scrap was meant to be born even more in the finish line when the Haas team's newcomer duo Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher struggled fiercely for 13th place.

The German, sweeping the suction at a considerably louder pace, was just passing Mazepin when he suddenly made a sharp wedge motion directly to his teammate’s driving line.

Schumacher avoided a hit with his last-minute dodging move and crossed the checkered flag before the Russian.

The 22-year-old German driver whispered his hands in frustration immediately after passing, but emotions were not properly unleashed until after the finish line.

- What the fuck was that?

Really, was he trying to kill us?

Schumacher roared on team radio.

In a post-race interview, Schumacher noted, calmer than before, that the situation was “not very comfortable from the car”.

Mazepin, 22, who was shocked by his cheeky, even daring grips from the beginning of the season, contented himself with regretting the lost power of his car and a painful loss.

- The main thing is that I am a little upset when I lose the rank to my teammate on the main line, the Russian said according to the Motorsport website.

Günther Steiner, Haas team manager, also commented on the incident.

His box as the supervisor of the two newcomer drivers has been a mix of the roles of kindergarten teacher and formula boss based on the early season.

There have been enough noise and strange events.

- There was an incident on the finish line, which we have already cleared up and cleaned the air with.

There was a misunderstanding, but we’re fine and we’ve moved on, Steiner commented.