As the infection of the new coronavirus continues to spread, professional baseball Hanshin changed the team logo to blue to show gratitude to medical staff at the giant game scheduled at Koshien Stadium on the 18th of next month. Will be worn.

"Baseball is thanks to medical personnel"

This was planned mainly by the Hanshin Tigers Players Association.

At the Giants match scheduled for next month at Koshien Stadium, players will be wearing blue T-shirts to thank the medical staff for pre-match practice.

In addition to wearing the team logo and a hat with a blue brim during the match, the blue base engraved with "Thank You HEALTH CARE HEROES" will be used.

The T-shirts worn by the players and the bases used in the games will be auctioned through the Internet, and the proceeds will be donated to a fund established by Hyogo Prefecture and others to support medical professionals.

Koji Chikamoto, the chairman of the Hanshin Tigers Players Association, said, "I will do my best to give medical professionals and fans a lot of energy and hope."

In addition, Seishiro Sakamoto, who proposed this project, said, "Because it is thanks to medical personnel that I am allowed to play baseball, I would like to play with gratitude so that I can provide everyday enjoyment as much as possible." It was.