Chinanews client, May 31, 2021 "Direct WTT Grand Slam World Table Tennis Championships" and the Olympic simulation tournament Nanyang Station decided on the 30th singles champion, so far this station's events are all over.

Fan Zhendong narrowly defeated Xu Xin and won the men's singles championship after seven games. Wang Manyu defeated Chen Meng 4:2 to win the women's singles championship.

  In the semi-finals that day morning, Fan Zhendong beat Wang Chuqin 4:2, and in the last game, he scored 6 points in a row after falling behind 6:10.

Xu Xin eliminated the "dark horse" Xu Chenhao 4:1, who eliminated Malone in this competition.

  In the women's singles semi-finals, Wang Manyu and Chen Meng defeated Sun Yingsha and He Zhuojia with the same score of 4:1 respectively to join the finals.

  In the final, Chen Meng got the first victory with 11:7.

Afterwards, the game fell into a stalemate, and the two bite small points, but in the handling of the key ball, Wang Manyu was in better shape. She won 3 games in a row with 11:8, 13:11, and 14:12.

In the 5th round, Chen Meng pulled back a city with 11:4, but then Wang Manyu secured the victory with 11:8 and won the women's singles championship in this event.

  In the men's singles final, after Fan Zhendong took the lead with 11:5, Xu Xin won three consecutive games with 12:10, 11:8, and 11:9.

Fan Zhendong, who had a last stand, pulled back two rounds with 11:9 and 11:7, and the big score went to 3:3.

In the deciding game, the two fought all the way from 2:2 to 7:7. At the critical moment, Fan Zhendong scored 3 points in a row and finally won by 11:8.

  In the mixed doubles final that ended the day before, the "post-00" combination Wang Chuqin/Sun Yingsha defeated Xu Xin/Liu Shiwen in seven games and won the championship.

  Including the Xinxiang event held earlier this month, Fan Zhendong and Chen Meng ranked first in the men's and women's singles points in the two simulation games.

According to the rules, the two were qualified to represent the National Table Tennis Championships in this year's Houston World Table Tennis Championships.