On May 24, Zhang Hong, who has been blind for 25 years, successfully climbed the world's highest peak Everest from the south side of Mount Everest with the assistance of several Nepalese guides, becoming the first blind person in Asia and the third blind person in the world to climb Mount Everest. .

  By chance 5 years ago, Zhang Hongmeng was born with the idea of ​​climbing Mount Everest, and then began to climb 120 floors with a maximum weight of 35 kilograms a day, day after day, boring and lonely.

No one around believes he can succeed.

Zhang Hong hopes to use his perseverance to let people with visual impairments see that only if they are willing to open their hearts and embrace society, there will be unlimited possibilities.

  Zhang Hong, who has just climbed Mount Everest, has a new goal, the "7+2" plan. This plan is the most famous and boldest expedition in the mountaineering industry. It requires climbing the highest peaks of the seven continents in the world and hiking. To the north and south poles.

  (Reporter Jean Bokyu)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]