Before the Tokyo Olympics, the final international volleyball tournament, the "Nations League," was held on the 30th in a qualifying round, and Japan won a full set against Russia, winning 3-2 in a come-from-behind victory.

The volleyball "Nations League" held in Italy is the last international tournament before the Tokyo Olympics, in which 16 countries, both men and women, participate.

Japan will face Russia in the third match of the qualifying round on the 30th, and while the first set will be competing, spikes that make use of Kentaro Takahashi's height and block of 34-year-old Tatsuya Fukuzawa's opponent I piled up points with a strong spike that repels and scored 28 to 26.

After this, Japan dropped the 2nd set 26 to 28 and the 3rd set 20 to 25 in quick succession, and from the scene of the 4th set, 18 to 18 where there was no more left, Kenta Takanashi's powerful spikes and Issei Otake The player's block blocked the opponent and pulled the flow, and took this set 25 to 21.

In the final 5th set, Otake showed an activity to score 5 points in this set alone and took it 16-14, and Japan defeated Russia 3-2 in two consecutive games in a come-from-behind victory at the end of the full set. It was the opening three consecutive wins.

The tournament will be a round robin of 16 teams for both men and women over a month, and then the top 4 teams will advance to the final round in a tournament format.