The final round of the women's golf domestic tour tournament was held in Aichi Prefecture, and 22-year-old Minami Katsu won the championship with a total of 9 under.

Katsu started the final round in 2nd place, one stroke behind the lead, and suddenly hit a double bogey on the 1st hole, but after that he took 3 birdies and increased his score by 1.

Nakakatsu, whose other players are sluggish, won the championship in a come-from-behind victory with a total of 9 unders, and won his fifth tour total in two years, including one in his amateur days.

Momoko Osato, Mamiko Higa, and Momo Yoshikawa came in second with a three-stroke difference.

Mone Inami, who won the tournament last week and aimed for the sixth victory, finished sixth with a total of 4 under.

Haruka Kudo, who started in the lead, dropped seven scores and finished in 15th place with a total of 2 unders, and did not win the tour for the first time.