Before the Tokyo Olympics, in the "Nations League", the last international volleyball tournament, the Japanese men's national team faced the first match and beat Iran straight.

The volleyball "Nations League" is the last international tournament before the Tokyo Olympics, in which 16 countries, both men and women, participate.

On the 28th, Japan, which ranked 9th in the world ranking, faced the first match of the qualifying round against Iran, who ranked 8th in the world.

In Japan, Yuki Ishikawa, the captain and ace of the first set, accumulated points with highly accurate spikes that skillfully exchanged the opponent's blocks, and scored 25 to 19.

In the second set, Ishikawa supported the team with a tenacious receive, and college student Ai Takahashi and mid-game participant Tatsunobu Otsuka scored a strong spike and took it 25-22.

In the third set, Iran was allowed to lead, but Takahashi's high spikes drew the flow from 16 to 18 to 5 consecutive points, and then Ishikawa's block etc. counterattacked the opponent. I cut it off and took it 26 to 24 and won the straight with a set count of 3 to 0.

In the tournament, the qualifying rounds for both men and women will be round-robined by 16 teams over a period of about one month, and then the top four teams will advance to the final round in a tournament format.