Han Jung-won, a female golfer who has lost one leg in an accidental accident, but wears a prosthetic leg and challenges a professional, is participating as a'recommended player' in the KLPGA regular tour that opens today (28th).

Reporter Seo Dae-won covered it.


Han Jeong-won, a'prosthetic golfer', perfectly attaches an iron shot to a pin, creating the resilience of professional players who practiced rounds together.

51-year-old Han Jeong-won lost his left leg in a car accident 8 years ago, but he did not despair and opened a new life through golf.

He won the World Championships for the Disabled and was impressed by a recent golf audition program.

Han Jeong-won, whose goal is to go on a senior tour, was invited to the E1 Chari Open, which is opening today, as an'Amateur Recommended Player'.

Standing on the pro stage is like a dream.

[Han Jeong-won/Giheung High School Physical Education Teacher: Happy. It's a family honor. I will do my best to compete with one shot, one shot with my passion and passion.] The

players also cheered for the challenge.

[Hyunkyung Park/KLPGA Tour 3 wins in total life: Looking at it, I think ah, I think I have a lot to learn, I only think it's really great, and I think I'm very respectful. You are cool.]

Han Jeong-won, a physical education teacher, pledges to take steps toward his dream, saying that the cheering of his students will be a great strength.

[Han Jeong-won/Giheung High School Physical Education Teacher: (the students) ask for a ceremony when they buddy. I will definitely do a birdie to show my beloved disciples a wonderful ceremony. I love you.]