- Although Canada scored twice as many goals as in the three opening matches, but did not convince at all.

On the contrary, they invited Norway time and time again with stupid expulsions, says SVT Sports expert Nils Ekman.

At the end of the second period, Andrew Mangiapane made it 3-2 for Canada.

He went down low and dug up the puck in the first left cross behind Färjestad's goalkeeper Henrik Haukeland.

In a numerical disadvantage in the middle of the third period, Canada decided when captain Adam Henrique pushed forward from the left edge and a little too easily put the puck between Haukeland's leg protection for 4-2, his second goal of the match.

Already after 22 seconds, Canada had the puck in goal.

It was video-watched as Connor Brown slid forward and pushed the puck in with a wide side.

However, it was perceived as a slowing motion and not as a kick and 1-0 to Canada was a fact.

- It was important for self-confidence to score goals in the first change.

I kept my skate on the ice and expected it to be approved, says Brown about his first international goal in SVT's broadcast.

SHL stucco on Norway's goal

At 2-0, Brown played until captain Adam Henrique in front of goal.

He made a pull and put in the puck with a backhand.

After half the match, Norway broke a play at Canada's blue line and Thomas Valkvae Olsen, with a past in Leksand, narrowed to fast and hard for 2-1.

80 seconds later, Frölunda's Mats Rosseli Olsen made it 2-2 after getting the puck on the skate.

The puck came rock hard from the side and Olsen barely managed to move. After a period of video review, the goal was approved and a relaxed Canada was shaken.

- It was nice to get the puck in.

I have had so many chances, says Thomas Valkvae Olsen.