Min Byeong-hun of Lotte, a professional baseball player who suddenly left the ground after undergoing cerebrovascular surgery earlier this year, is back. They were registered in the 1st group today (26th) and they were selected as soon as possible.

This is reporter Bae Jeong-hoon.


Min Byung-hun was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm in which blood vessels swelled two years ago due to the weakening of the cerebrovascular wall.

Although I suffered from the pain, I suffered the worst sluggishness last year, and eventually had surgery earlier this year.

It was difficult to predict the time of return due to the need for constant management, but as he showed normal condition in the recent second-team game, he was registered for the first-team entry for the first time today, and was selected as the fifth batter center fielder in the LG game. 

[Min Byeong-hun/Lotte: I was still taking medicine, so I couldn't get it even though I had a chance to get a vaccination. My body lacks immunity and (still) playing baseball with a lot of fans is the most fun and enjoyable, so did I have to rush back... .]

Min Byung-hun, who returned 4 months after the operation, did his best from the first at-bat.

After hitting the ground ball on the side of the second baseman at the opportunity of second out and third base, he was judged to be safe at first base by sprinting, and made a hit only after a single RBI.


Samsung's filial mercenary, Pirella, drew the 13th arch of the season in the NC game to lead the home run. 

(Video editing: Woo Ki-jung)