Xinhua News Agency, Tokyo, May 25 (Reporter Wang Zijiang) Japan’s Olympic Minister Marukawa Zhuyo said on the 25th that due to software development issues and out of privacy considerations, the Japanese government will abandon the plan to use mobile phone software to track Olympic participants.

  According to the original plan, for the sake of epidemic prevention, all people entering Japan to participate in the Olympics, whether they are delegation members, journalists or officials, need to download a tracking software to ensure that all overseas entrants do not come into contact with the Japanese public.

  According to Kyodo News, Marukawa said that the plan to track overseas immigrants has been cancelled, but the plan to track people who have tested positive for the new crown virus using mobile phone GPS (Global Positioning System) has not changed.

  The latest epidemic prevention manual issued by the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee stipulates that all overseas personnel who come to Japan to participate in the Olympic Games need to download two mobile apps in Japan, one is the daily health report app, the other is the close contact confirmation app, abbreviated as COCOA.

The former is in production and is expected to be launched in June, while the latter was launched in June last year.

Kyodo News did not specify whether the app that Marukawa mentioned to give up was a COCOA.

  According to the original plan, registration of the COCOA software does not require any identification information. The software operates through GPS. Through this APP, you can receive notifications that you may have been close to the positive cases.

All information will be deleted after 14 days of storage. There are currently three language versions in English, Japanese and Chinese, and other languages ​​will be available in the future.

  Marukawa Suyo also stated that Pfizer will provide approximately 20,000 vaccines for Japanese athletes, other members of the delegation, referees, and translators participating in the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

  Hashimoto Seiko, chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, also revealed to reporters that the vaccination of relevant officials will begin as soon as possible, including those from other countries and regions that come to participate in the Olympics.