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Ligue 1 - 38th day











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And Touré who puts Reims ahead of Bordeaux! 

Here it comes to life a little thereààààà.

They will manage to scare the Bordelais to the end (even if they are normally good, they are quiet). 



The first for 8 months.

Small center of Depay, Toko of the head ahead of his defender. 


: Now that's going to set them free, that's all they had missed last week. 



Renato who throws a small ball to David, thrown in depth, which deceives Bernardoni.

The people of Lille take a deep breath! 


: Let's go to Bollaert, suddenly, where Monaco hopes to at least secure its 3rd place ... They can always dream, the locals have a place in the Europa League to go and get (in real life they are burnt it smells bad for my little ones Lensois). 


: At this time last week we already had 3 goals.



: We switch to Brest, where PSG is already well established in the opposing camp.

But not as good as the rain, which falls very hard on Francis-Le-Blé. 


: We start in Angers, of course, to see how Losc starts their match.

In any case, the SCO has the head of the team which very much wants to play this match.

No worries about that, as Stéphane Moulin said this week.

Last match for the Angevin coach in passing this evening. 



And above all, don't forget. 

8:58 p.m .

: The noise of crampons in the corridors ... Yum yum. 

8:55 p.m

.: Personally, I'm afraid for the people of Brest, if you want to know everything.

We have known better calendar than to fade PSG with something to play. 

8:53 p.m .

: A short tour through Nantes, with the FCN in the jump-off position at kick-off.

But really, nothing is done.

They are on a series of crazy people from Nantes, they can do it.

Even if it's not just up to them. 

The Yellow and Green determined 𝟛𝟘 minutes from this #fcnmhsc 👊

- FC Nantes (@FCNantes) May 23, 2021

8:50 p.m .

: The day of Lille in pictures.

It would be huge if they were crowned champions, ten years after the double of Hazard and the whole gang.

"That's what we wish them and in any case eh". 


WE ARE THE DOGUES 🔥 # SCOLOSC #DoguesJusquauBout

- LOSC (@losclive) May 23, 2021

8:47 p.m .

: But hey, we're not talking about that tonight!

More than a quarter of an hour before the start of the 10 meetings, we are hot. 

8:45 p.m .

: Still no answer, then.

If you want my opinion he speaks like someone who is going to leave, but hey you have to see who can really afford it too.

Real, while in addition Zidane will surely leave?


And it is difficult to imagine it in City or other ... A beautiful soap opera that is announced (which has already started besides). 

8:43 p.m.

I listen Kyky, is his answer about his future>

"I've always been happy here.

We discuss with the club, we will see what will happen.

It's normal that everyone is waiting for this decision, I understand.

We're going to do things right, in the right order, one way or the other. "

8:40 pm

: And it is Christophe Galtier who was elected best coach, that they had announced at 8:00 pm. 

8:38 p.m


And the best player in Ligue 1 is ................. Kylian Mbappé, obviously.

We learned it instantly on Canal.

“All the other players in the champion think you are the best, there is no better publicity for you.

My season?

It is good, very good even.

I had several phases in this season, I managed to always be decisive, even when it was harder in the game. There I found legs, juice. "

8:36 p.m

.: And that of maybe why not if it fits well future champion, too.

No Draxler or Icardi, Raphinha in the middle. 

🔛✊ The Parisian composition 🆚 @ SB29 # 𝗦𝗕𝟮𝟵𝗣𝗦𝗚

- Paris Saint-Germain (@PSG_inside) May 23, 2021

8:34 p.m .

: A quick word on the lines.

I'm not going to put them all for you, of course.

But at least that of the perhaps future champion.

Djalo replaces Fonte, suspended, in defense.

Ikoné and Bamba on the bench. 

The eleven Mastiffs who will do everything to get the first place in @ Ligue1UberEats 😤

The last line-up of the season is presented by @Hello_Lille 👊 # SCOLOSC #DoguesJusquauBout

- LOSC (@losclive) May 23, 2021

8:32 p.m .

: Come on, we're off to this great live! 

8:00 p.m .

: Before meeting up for the antenna connection, I'll give you some papers to get you in the mood.

Asset' !

- The mental approach to the title match for Losc.

We saw last week against Sainté that there was a little tension in the legs.


Ligue 1: How Lille must mentally manage its last match to be champion at Angers

- FC Nantes who will try to play without thinking about the context


FC Nantes: "Do not think about the context ..." How to finish the job in style despite the pressure?

- And OM, almost guaranteed to be 5th, is already thinking about next season


OM: Why will Marseille be one of the most attractive teams in 2021/2022?

8:00 p.m .

: More specifically for the title, these are roughly the scenarios >>

- Lille champion if he wins, draws and PSG does not win, or if everyone loses of course.

- PSG champion if he wins and Lille does not win, draws a draw and Lille and Monaco lose

(-I spare you Monaco, because with the goal difference it will take a real miracle, we will talk about it again if the events l 'impose)

8:00 p.m .

We raise the stakes, so it will be done

> For the title: Lille, PSG and Monaco concerned

> For the Champions League: Monaco and Lyon concerned

> For the Europa League and Europa Conference: OM guaranteed to be there, Lens and Rennes concerned behind

> For the maintenance: Bordeaux (14th), Strasbourg (15th), Brest (16th), Lorient (17th) and Nantes (18th) are concerned by the place of barrage not to go down.

Nîmes and Dijon are already in Ligue 2. 


p.m .


YOOOO the company!

Everything is fine ?


I imagine your condition if you are a Lille, Parisian, Nantes, Lorient or Brest supporter, to name a few.

Lots and lots of teams are still playing something on this last day.

This multi is going to be great. 

It had been a long time since we had the right to a last day like that in Ligue 1. Used to being the domination of PSG, we had almost forgotten that the Parisians were not impregnable. They have extenuating circumstances, this season, between the Final 8 last August before the resumption of the championship, all the injuries, the tensions in high places which led to the dismissal of Tuchel. Le Losc for its part has been extremely solid, and at the start of the last 90 minutes, it is he who is in a strong position. If he wins in Angers, he will be champion, quite simply. At the bottom of the table, five teams are still affected by the 18th place symbolic of a jump-off so as not to go down. 

>> Emotion, tension, suspense ... WE'LL HAVE FUN!

Be there around 8:30 p.m. so you don't miss a thing. 

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