The final of the Japanese rugby championship.

Panasonic's Kenki Fukuoka, who won the championship, is aiming to become a doctor and will retire only this season, so this match was the last match in active duty.

At the end of the match, he stood alone on the ground, achieved his goal of winning the Panasonic title, and seemed to be deeply moved.

Fukuoka player who played an active part as a rugby representative from Japan.

The 2019 World Cup took advantage of the speed of 50m5s8 and took four tries, making a big contribution to Japan's first ever advance to the Top 8.

After the tournament, he set his next goal to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, which is contested by a seven-person system, and after that, he envisioned a life plan in which he would retire from active duty and pursue his dream of becoming a doctor, but the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Decided to abandon the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed for one year.

The Japan Championship final on the 23rd was the last match of active duty.

At the top of the list, Fukuoka decided to try for five consecutive games.

The scene of the try is 30 minutes in the first half.

"I got the ball with speed, and I thought I could be defensive in that situation," he cut into a space of just a few meters, and while receiving tackles from the two, he jumped in at the end and tried with one hand.

This match led to a maximum of 20 points lead.

At a press conference after the match, Fukuoka said, "I've done what I want to do in my rugby life. I still don't realize that I'm going to retire, but when I think I'll never play rugby anymore, there are things that come slowly. I was able to win and move on to the next path without any regrets, "he said with a refreshing look.

This season, which was held in parallel with studying at a preparatory school for the medical school entrance exam in February and university classes that started in April, was extremely harsh.

"Until now, the focus was on rugby, but the schedule changed a lot due to the exams. It was difficult to adjust the conditions, and there were days when I moved by car and practiced immediately, so it was very difficult to balance."

Fukuoka player who contributed greatly to the victory by giving 14 tries this season without giving in to the harsh environment.

The 28-year-old, who shines in the rugby world, begins to pursue a new dream of being a doctor who truly faces and is close to patients.