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Good afternoon and welcome to this live blog on NU.nl.

My name is Sam Blom and I will keep you informed about the fifteenth stage in the Giro d'Italia today.

Lots of fun!

  • Giro d'Italia

  • Stage 15

  • Campenaerts wins sprint from Riesebeek

a few seconds ago

Meanwhile, the peloton is leisurely driving towards the finish, with INEOS Grenadiers in the lead.

It will still take a few minutes for them to arrive.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

Victor Campenaerts wins the fifteenth stage in the Giro! 

Riesebeek starts early, but cannot keep it up and is passed by Campenaerts, who wins the stage.

a few seconds ago

Another 600 meters

- The poker between Riesebeek and Hermans has started.

They now ride on the cobblestones.

a few seconds ago

Another 1 km

- Last kilometer!

Riesebeek is back at Campenaerts.

Which of the two will take the stage victory?

a few seconds ago

Another 1.5 km

- Another gear from Campenaerts!

The Belgian has a small hole with Riesebeek, who has to pull out all the stops to keep up.

a few seconds ago

Another 3 km

- With the pursuers, Mollema and Hermans start chasing the two front runners.

They have a small hole with the rest of the pursuers.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

Another 3 km

- Campenaerts goes!

On the strip of 14 percent, it is the Belgian's turn to try to drive Riesebeek off.

a few seconds ago

Another 3.5


- Again Riesebeek Campenaerts tries to drive off, but he doesn't succeed.

It is a nice fight between the Dutch and the Belgian.

a few seconds ago

4 km to go

- Riesebeek and Campenaerts now have a hill for them with pieces of 14 percent.

Half of the last kilometer also consists of cobblestones.

In short: there are still a few serious obstacles.

The lead on the pursuers is still around 15 seconds.

a few seconds ago

Another 6.5 km

- Riesebeek turns on!

He tries to drive off with Campenaerts, but Riesebeek cannot get him off.

The difference with the pursuers is slightly, now about fifteen seconds.

a few seconds ago

Another 7.5 km

- Riesebeek and Campenaerts maintain their lead of half a minute on the now seven pursuers, including Mollema.

The peloton is thirteen minutes away, for what it's worth.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

Another 8.5 km

- Campenaerts seems to be able to descend better than Riesebeek, but the Dutchman still manages to hold on.

Should it come to a final sprint between the two, Riesebeek will assess his chances positively.

a few seconds ago

Another 13 km

- Mollema and Hermans had just left the rest of the pursuers behind them, but are now joined by part of that group again.

Van den Berg does not seem to be one of them anymore.

a few seconds ago

Another 15 km

- Riesebeek and Campenaerts descend in the pouring rain on the Gornje Serevo.

Will one of these two become the stage winner?

a few seconds ago

Another 16 km

- Torres off!

The Spaniard cannot keep up with the pace of Riesebeek and Campenaerts and so the Belgian and the Dutch continue as a duo.

a few seconds ago

Lots of crowd on the side in the final of the stage.

Can the trio stay ahead of the pursuers with Riesebeek?

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

Another 18 km

- In the group of twelve pursuers, Cataldo once again encourages to drive towards his teammate Torres (Movistar).

The difference is quite big with 35 seconds.

a few seconds ago

Another 18 km 

- The three Riesebeek, Campenaerts and Torres start the third and last climb of the Gornje Serovo, with the rest of the leading group already half a minute away.

a few seconds ago

20 km to go

- The three work well together and take ten seconds from the rest of the leading group.

a few seconds ago

22 km to go

- The next attack in the leading group!

Now it is a trio who are trying to attack, with Oscar Riesebeek as Dutch representation.

He has Victor Campenaerts and Albert Torres with him.

a few seconds ago

Another 25 km

- Wisniowski and Consonni also tried it, but the rest of the leading group did not let them drive away.

It seems to be getting a bit more restless in the leading group, which is for the third time at the foot of the Gornje Serovo.

a few seconds ago

a few seconds ago

31 km to go

- There is the first attack of the leading group, with Campenaerts and Riesebeek trying it together.

They don't seem to get away, but this might be the start of a spectacular finale.

a few seconds ago

Can Italy make it three in a row?

With Cataldo, Oldani and Consonni there are three Italians in the leading group.

Big weekend for 🇮🇹, winning at both #Eurovision and atop Monte Zoncolan at the #Giro d'Italia.

👏 https://t.co/bzcRE4PqK4


Avatar Author Harry Chemay Moment of Places 14: 21-23 May 2021

a few seconds ago

Another 48 km

- The leading group arrives at the top of the Gornje Serovo and Dries de Bondt again takes the three points.

Mollema takes two and Riesebeek one.

a few seconds ago

Another 50 km

- The leading group is heading for the Gornje Serovo for the second time, with still the eleven-minute lead on the peloton.

Soon the climb will be cycled for a third time.

a few seconds ago

Another 53 km

- We still have the leading group of fifteen, which is about 11 minutes ahead of the peloton.

When will the race erupt there?

a few seconds ago

Simon Yates has not yet given up hope for the pink jersey, although an attack on Bernal seems more like something for tomorrow's stage.


🎙️ @SimonYatess: "Now I fell better and I want to keep this way. Bernal is very strong, we'll see." Powered by @eolo_it #Giro


Avatar Author Giro d'Italia Moment of places 12:40 - 23 May 2021

a few seconds ago

Now that the lead of the leading group is around 11.30 minutes, we can speculate about potential stage winners who start in this leading group of fifteen.

What can Mollema, Van den Berg and Riesebeek do?

a few seconds ago

Another 76 km

- The three points on top of the Gornje Serovo also go to Dries de Bondt, ahead of his fellow countryman Harm Vanhoucke.

Bauke Mollema comes up third and takes a point for the mountains classification.

a few seconds ago

Another 79 km

- The four pursuers have now been caught by the peloton, which is twelve minutes behind the leading group.

It seems out of the question that this difference will be made right.

a few seconds ago

The riders in the Giro are encouraged from all sides.

a few seconds ago

Another 80 km

- At the start of the circuit is a climb towards Gornje Cerovo.

It is only 1.7 kilometers long, but it rises by no less than 8.5 percent.

The leading group is now on that hill.

a few seconds ago

Another 84 km 

- Where the start of the stage was extremely hectic with the crash, it has now been quite clear for a while, with the leading group at a great distance (now eleven minutes) from the peloton.

The intermediate sprint was just won by Dries de Bondt, Bauke Mollema was sixth and took three points.

The leading group will start on a circuit that largely travels through Slovenia.

This circuit will be covered two and a half times today.

a few seconds ago

Another 97 km

- With a lead of almost ten minutes, the leading group seems to have good papers to stay ahead.

INEOS Grenadiers controls the smoothly moving peloton.

a few seconds ago

107 km to go

- The leading group keeps running out, both on the pursuers (more than five and a half minutes) and the peloton (eight and a half minutes).

The riders have just completed a short climb, without a category, and will arrive in a short intermediate sprint in just under ten minutes.

a few seconds ago


🚴‍♀️🇮🇹 |

Drama in the start of stage 15 of the #Giro - Buchmann, Van Emden and Berhane have to give up after a heavy crash # Giro2021 can be seen live on Eurosport from start to finish: 📺 Eurosport 1📱💻 Without interruptions: https: // t. co / j9OsKiSv3U


Avatar Author Eurosport Netherlands Moment of places 11:46 - 23 May 2021

a few seconds ago

Another 113 km

 - The peloton is already more than six minutes from the leading group, the four in between have more than two minutes to bridge.

a few seconds ago

Another 117 km

- The peloton lets the leading group ride: the difference is already five minutes.

a few seconds ago

What a commotion we saw earlier today after the crash at the beginning of the stage, after which the race was stopped.

a few seconds ago

122 km to go

- A fourth task today: Ruben Guerreiro from EF Education-NIPPO has also left.

a few seconds ago

Another 125 km

- Behind the leading group there are another four in almost a minute and a half: Pasqualon, Jorgenson, Gougeard and Tagliani.

The peloton is more than two and a half minutes from the front runners.

a few seconds ago

Another 127 km

- The fifteen leaders, who now have about a minute and a half on the peloton:

  • BAUKE MOLLEMA (Trek-Segafredo)

  • Quinten Hermans (Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert Matérieaux, BEL)

  • Dario Cataldo (Movistar, ITA)

  • Harm Vanhoucke (Lotto Soudal)

  • Nikias Arndt (DSM, DUI)

  • Dries De Bondt (Alpecin-Fenix, BEL)

  • Victor Campenaerts (Qhubeka-ASSOS, BEL)

  • OSCAR RIESEBEEK (Alpecin-Fenix)

  • Stefano Oldani (Lotto Soudal, ITA)


  • Sebastián Molano (UAE Team Emirates, COL)

  • Simone Consonni (Cofidis, ITA)

  • Max Walscheid (Qhubeka-ASSOS, DUI)

  • Lukasz Wisniowski (Qhubeka-ASSOS, POL)

  • Albert Torres (Movistar, SPA)

a few seconds ago


km to go 

- No fewer than three Dutchmen are in the leading group of fifteen.

Bauke Mollema, Oscar Riesebeek and Lars van den Berg are all on board.

a few seconds ago

137 km to go

- Victor Campenaerts and Giacomo Nizzolo, among others, are part of the group of fifteen, which is driving fast to get away from the peloton permanently.

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