A group of people infected with the new coronavirus = Aren Kuri, who has won 5 wins in the league top so far in professional baseball Hiroshima where a cluster occurred, announced on the 23rd that the PCR test was positive. ..

There are now 12 confirmed infections within the team.

In Hiroshima, 11 people including athletes and coaches were found to be infected, and there were no positives on the 22nd, but on the 23rd, PCR tests were conducted on 82 leaders, athletes, staff, and so on.

As a result, pitcher Guri was newly judged to be positive.

Pitcher Guri is asymptomatic and has no change in physical condition, but he is being treated at home according to the instructions of the health center.

There are now 12 confirmed infections within the team.

Due to the infection of players etc., the three consecutive battles between Hiroshima and Hanshin scheduled from the 20th have been canceled, and at the 12 team representatives' meeting to be held on the 23rd, it will be decided whether or not the match will be held after the 25th. I have decided.