It takes 23 days and 2 months until the opening of the Tokyo Olympics.

With the outbreak of the new coronavirus infection uncertain, the movement to vaccinate athletes and instructors in each country and region is accelerating.

For the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which is approaching two months later, the IOC = International Olympic Committee and the Organizing Committee of the Games are emphasizing "holding a safe and secure Games."

As part of this, we are promoting vaccination of participants such as athletes, directors and coaches centered on the IOC, and vaccines such as Pfizer, a major pharmaceutical company, will be provided free of charge through the Olympic committees of each country and region. In addition, the organizations to which each Olympic committee in the Americas is a member have secured a system for 6000 people who can complete the vaccination at one time and can inoculate it at the airport in the United States.

IOC President Bach has revealed that more than 80% of athletes and leaders entering the Olympic Village will be vaccinated before the Games.

On the other hand, in Japan as well, the movement toward vaccination of athletes is in full swing.

JOC = Japanese Olympic Committee and others are planning to start vaccination with Pfizer and other vaccines, which are provided separately from general vaccination, from next month.

The target is staff such as athletes who have already been unofficially decided to be representatives, athletes who may be unofficially decided, and instructors, and inoculation is not compulsory but a request system.

In order to avoid affecting the general medical system, the venue will be the National Training Center in Kita-ku, Tokyo, where many athletes are based, and with the cooperation of the team doctors of each competition group, we will coordinate with the competition group to proceed with inoculation. I am doing.

It has been two months before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, and the movement to vaccinate the athletes is accelerating, but there are still issues such as how far the understanding of the event will progress as the infection continues to spread.